Bridal Shower Inspiration

The Team at Heaven and their preferred professionals shared some of the newest, coolest and unique Bridal Shower trends in 2017. We hope you are inspired by some of these themes as Heaven Event Venue is a perfect blank canvas for your special event!

Travel-  Adventures in Love

You may not have been there for the couple to be as they were whisking each other away on romantic getaway weekends, but a Travel Themed Shower is a perfect opportunity to remind them of the precious memories that they have shared so far! Table themes, gift baskets, wine and the menu are easy ways to incorporate special memories the two have shared.  Sites like are perfect to make gift giving easy so the couple can look forward to so many more adventures together!

Love in Linen

Bed Sheets, Towels, tablecloths, and bathrobes. Get the bride to be all set up with the luxury of linen. Monogrammed gift sets are ideal for the event, and she can even keep them to host her own events once settled as the Mrs. (or Mister!)


The Messy Menu

Tea parties are so last year! S’mores, Nachos, tacos OH MY! Forget the finger sandwiches and dive into the saucy & sloppy! We were introduced to this idea from a Bostonian Bride that had a New England Crab Bake!  The perfect example of how much fun getting messy with the pretty girls can be!



Love story –  Storybook Wedding

Tale as old as Time! With the massive release of Beauty and the Beast, no one can deny the effect of a great love story, just like the one you are about to be celebrating. It is never too late to feel like royalty! 3-course meal, indulgent brunch or fancy dinner with all the fine trimmings will make this shower fit for a queen.

The Unique Unicorn

Stay with us here.  With the new hot trend of rainbow food, we fell in LOVE with the idea of the unicorn. That one magical creature that represents the love that the couple found. With a balance of clean white and gold trimmings the pop of rainbow pastries, desserts and balloons could be just the right touch of fun that your shower may be seeking!


Love is sweet

This can go in so many delicious directions, from a dessert party to learning how to make your own ice cream. This can be a very easy theme that everyone will over indulge on!  Pair this will a little bubbly and you are totally on the right track.


Cooking Class

Hire a caterer that can host a cooking class and teach you how to prepare your partner’s favorite dish! Not only will this fun theme take care of the food, it will also have a lifetime of fond memories to reflect on! The guests can even provide kitchenware and cookbooks for the newly trained “chef” as the shower gift!

We hope some of these cool themes inspired you to think outside the box, but inside out fabulous venue! We look forward to hosting your next event here at Heaven Event Venue! Contact us 407-488-1800!

Edz The Artist and Heaven Event Venue



Why is Edz The Artist-  Photography and Heaven Event Venue is the perfect combo?

Heaven to me is like a blank canvas which is perfect, it allows me to create with endless possibilities, my photography style is like Heaven event venue, start with a blank canvas to create art from within.

What are some trends you are seeing in wedding photography for 2017?

I think in 2017, brides are stepping away from a little more from the traditional wedding from décor to venue, dresses, ceremony program even in day selections. So I am really excited to capture great weddings celebration this year.

What is one tip that you would give a bride planning a photography session in Central Florida?

Make sure to hire a photographer that can bring her vision to reality and keep Florida weather on her radar.

Fill in the blank: From a photographer’s perspective – A Heavenly Event is when:

Wedding photography meets Art.

What inspires you to do what you love to do?

The look on a bride’s face when she sees her images from her wedding day, it’s priceless and never gets old. So at every wedding, it’s my mission to make sure I capture amazing images for all my brides just to see that look on their faces.

If you could have one event there.. any theme.. what would it be?

It would be a black tie event with all white décor with a silver accent color.( Actually, I’m planning my 40th birthday party just like that.)



“A Slice of Heaven” with Anna Cakes

anna cakes weddings

Anna Hightower, owner and operator of Anna Cakes, found her love of cake designing quite by accident. Agreeing to take a cake decorating course with a friend, Anna never dreamed of one day owning her own business. But, after just one class, she was hooked.

Growing up the daughter of a musician and an art dealer/interior designer, Anna had always been rooted in the arts. She spent the greater part of her late teens/early 20’s, immersed in art, poetry, singing, and songwriting, with the ultimate goal of recording with a major label. Little did she know, her pursuit of music would lead her to Orlando, and ultimately to Anna Cakes.

Following the dream, Anna, her husband Marlon, and their daughter Marlee relocated from Indianapolis, to Orlando, in 2004, to write and record with close friend, Kyle Cook (Matchbox Twenty). But music wasn’t enough. The artist in her, was in need of an additional outlet.

Cake design, which was to merely be a hobby, quickly grew into a full-blown passion. Armed with only a few classes, and the sound of her husband’s words ringing in her ears, “Business is 90% confidence, Anna,” she called her sister and said, “Cancel your cake lady. I’m making your wedding cake.” The fall-themed, 4-tiered cake received rave reviews, and Anna Cakes was born.

Why are Anna Cakes and Heaven Event Venue the perfect combo?

Heaven is hands-down one of my favorite venues in Orlando! It has such a cool vibe and so much versatility! You can transform the space in a million different ways. I pride myself in staying on-trend and also being adaptable when it comes to cake design, so this is something we have in common! I have delivered many wedding cakes to Heaven over the years. The room is always breathtaking, when we walk in. Anna Cakes strives to create that same reaction, when our clients lay eyes on their cake for the first time!

What are some trends you are seeing in wedding cakes for 2017?

The semi-naked cake is still going strong. It all started with the naked cake (no icing) but this trend has evolved to include a sister version, dubbed the “semi-naked”, because it includes a schmear or “crumb coat” of icing. It sounds hideous, but it is actually gorgeous when paired with fresh flowers. Very rustic and “pinterest-y”. haha

Another cake trend is bling bling bling! Brooches, rhinestone ribbons, sparkly monograms — it’s all the rage! Add pin spot lighting to the cake and it is sparkling for days! This is also typically an inexpensive option, since these decor items are non-edible — but it looks like a million bucks!

A really cool technique I’ve been getting requests for lately, is fondant marbling. Whether it is just one accent tier, or the entire cake, it really becomes a conversation piece. This look replicates actual marble, by kneading various colors together. It is fairly easy to achieve the design, but the outcome is really impressive. It almost has the appearance of being hand-painted.

And lastly, the 3D groom’s cake is really gaining traction. Replicating the groom’s car or dog or something near and dear to their heart, is a great way to surprise and honor them. These cakes can only be achieved by certain bakeries, so be sure to do your homework when ordering a 3D cake. They are not cheap, but they pack major punch, when done well. People will be talking about it for years, after the wedding!

What is one tip that you would give a bride planning a tasting in Central Florida?

My advice is to ask your venue and other vendors for referrals, and research them online first. Narrow it down to your absolute favorite bakery. Check their availability on your date, and schedule a tasting with them, just to be certain their cakes taste as good as they look. If you like the flavors, book them right then and there! Life is short and wedding planning is stressful. haha It feels good to check cake off the list. As for the actual tasting, I always suggest to bring cake pictures that have caught your eye, as well as dress pics, color swatches, floral proposal, invites/save-the-dates, and anything else that could inspire the design. Oh, and come hungry! I generally give people a ridiculous amount of cake, and let them take home the leftovers!

Fill in the blank: From a Cake Artist’s perspective – A Heavenly Event is when:

a couple’s vision becomes an even more amazing reality than what they had ever hoped or planned. This happens when you choose the right vendors and let them work their magic!

As Heaven is a blank slate, what are some stunning pastry opportunities?

It’s all about presentation. Lighting can really make an amazing cake look even more stunning. Height is something to consider also, since the high ceilings can allow for a larger cake display. Once we even suspended a cake from the rafters of Heaven on a piece of plexiglass. It appeared to be floating. SO GORGEOUS!!!

What inspires you to do what you love to do?

I have been making cakes for over 10 years, and I still get that “high” after each delivery. I stand back and take the final photo, and a rush of pride and excitement comes over me. So much goes into the cake, from cracking the first egg to placing the topper on the finished product. You take quite a journey with each cake, so seeing it go from sketch to life, is a real thrill. One of my favorites things about the whole process is the tasting and design session. I love meeting people and sketching their ideas. I have an art background, so people are often surprised at my sketches. They will say, “Oh wow! You’re an artist, too!” I think every great cake designer is an artist first.

If you could have one event there.. any theme.. what would it be?

Ever since my daughter was little, she has accompanied me on cake deliveries. She has seen many venues, but maintains that Heaven is her favorite. She just turned 17, so this is hopefully a long way from now, but I suppose her wedding would be my first choice! 🙂 Theme? I’ll leave that to her. At Heaven, the sky is the limit!

anna cakes wedding and events

Planning a Destination Wedding?


Here is Heaven’s guide for out of town weddings!


Use your resources:


The team here at Heaven is always here to help you with suggestions; from deciding between a hotel or a house or your rehearsal dinner space.


Ask for images and dimensions:


If you are unsure of a space or area in the venue, the team will be happy to guide you through all the logistics. . . we wouldn’t want you to rent a special item(s) that wouldn’t work in your space.


Create an itinerary package:


Keep guests in the loop of locations, times, fun things to do, suggested salons and good eats. (Again, the team at Heaven can help with any suggestions you may have!)


Use our preferred vendor list:


There is a reason they are on it.

  • They have proven talent in their specific area.
  • They have successful service and reviews.
  • Vendors have a wonderful track record with our venue.
  • Select, preferred vendors have a knack for talent in their field with the ability to customize each event.
  • The relationship that is built between our vendors and clients is serene, as they are familiar with our facility.
  • They know the questions to ask on your behalf in regards to our venue.
  • We have provided you a list of the best of the best in each category to make your next event Heavenly!

We look forward to having you here at Heaven Event Venue! To schedule a tour or request booking information, feel free to contact us at


So, You Said YES!

Man holding red box with ring making propose to his girlfriend outdoors.

Now that you have that ring… it is time to do the same with the phone! Call your core group, this includes all immediate family, friends and close friends of the family.  “Aunt” Sally, your Mother’s best friend, that has known you since birth, would rather hear it from you; not read about it on Facebook! They say the do’s and don’ts of wedding manners begin the moment you say “yes”. As tempting as it will be to make that status change, give your close ones a moment to hear it from you first.

Take care of the new bling. Make sure you have your ring insured and that it is sized perfectly. Trust us, you will thank us later for this tip!

Pick a “time” not a date. The most common follow up question you will have is “When are you getting married?” Next Fall or Early 2018 could be a quick answer to that question with plenty of wiggle room to adjust things.

Enjoy being engaged for a while! Soak it up, celebrate and set a date a month or so away to start hashing out the details.

Once that date comes, the first few things you are going to want to do is set a budget, get a rough idea of a guest list and start daydreaming of what your wedding will look and feel like!

As Heaven is a blank slate, we can create the look and feel of so many special events. When you are ready to take the planning plunge, the team at Heaven Event Venue would love to make your special day come to life.

picture of couple with wedding ring and gift box

Congratulations on your engagement!

 If you are ready to book your tour, please contact us at

2017 Wedding Trends


At Heaven Event Venue, we love sharing the latest trends in the events industry with our readers. Some of the new trends that will be happening in 2017 will make you fall in love all over again.

Mix Metals are here to stay!

A mix of industrial and modern vibes, with metallic paired with white hues, are at the top of the palette charts of 2017.  For a combination made in Heaven, showcase soft brushed metallic on bright white accents, this helps you achieve the contemporary, yet hip atmosphere that is so on-trend. This color palate may be combined with modern or industrial touches to create a classy, fashionable wedding. Ways to incorporate metallic accent pieces are through your linen, floral vases, cake accents and décor items for your sweetheart table.

Paper is making a comeback!

The art of letter writing from invitations, to thank-you letters has a more personal feel over Evites and Facebook invitations. We are seeing paper used in floral bouquets and incorporated into multiple facets of wedding décor. This may be due to its economical and environmentally friendly attributes. This is a great way to create a wedding brand with a signature monogram.

People are opting out of the after-party to have more “wedding time”.

Bringing the after-party to the party seems to be the new trend. After all, who wants to risk losing the festive vibes with a venue change? At Heaven Event Venue, we have the blank canvas required to achieve such a feat, allowing your guests to remain in one location, while keeping the positive energy flowing. We can accomplish this with our white sheer draping and state of the art LED lighting or by transitioning the party to another portion of the event space that provides a bar, a dessert station or even a fun donut wall!


Receiving lines are generally designed to follow the ceremony, or at the beginning of the reception.

This was regarded as etiquette until recently, where now it seems to be a too formal and takes away from the couples socializing throughout the event. In lieu of a receiving line, opt for a meet and greet during cocktail hour to give yourself more time with each guest, but check with your photographer first, as this can also be the ideal lighting during some times of the day!

The White Wedding Dress is not your only option… and in 2017 they are taking centerstage in have never been so diverse.


Ombre colors, textured embellishments and intricate beading flooded the runways. We are also seeing soft Pantones, like Ice Blush, Rose Quartz and Iced Coffee gaining in popularity for 2017’s show-stopping weddings. From sleek, modest silhouettes and elaborate beading to  bows that are large, abundant and architecturally draped, the bow is back for 2017!

Every aspect of your wedding should represent who you are as a couple.


Let us help you plan the perfect day from every aspect of décor, right down to the dessert station. Site tours are available by appointment only, Monday through Friday between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, with occasional weekend availability, depending on our event schedule. To schedule an appointment call 407-488-1800.

Get Married on a Tuesday

wedding card

and, other unique ways to stretch your budget.

The reality is weddings can be really expensive and once Pinterest hit the market forget about it. So, the number one questions our clients struggle with is what to cut. . . or cut back on. Here at Heaven we will do our best to show you how a few simple pointers of shifting some expenses around!

Heaven Event Venue’s blank canvas gives you endless opportunities to create the wedding of your dreams that is within your budget!

Why do the weekends get all the love when it comes to wedding planning?

You could say that it is so those who work or need to travel to make it to your special day, but anyone who is interested in attending your wedding will make the time to be a part of such an important life event. By choosing an alternate day like a Tuesday or Thursday, many venues will work with couples at a reduced rate.

Mix it up a bit:

Nix all the high centerpieces and custom florals and try a few variations of height. This will not only save you money, it will create pleasing sight lines and dimension to your room.

Focus your lights to shine on the points that matter.

Spotlight the important showpieces like your cake and sweetheart table. Also, seek out package specials with your venue or DJ, Heaven has a state of the art lighting system, so already you are head of the game.

Design with a purpose, first work with what your venue already provides.

Special chairs in the lobby? Basic linen that simply needs a napkin upgrade? Utilize what is included before you blow your budget on items that aren’t necessary.

Think timeless not trendy.

When designing a wedding, keep it classic. One should not be able to tell in what decade the event has taken place. Remember those 80s dresses with the poof sleeves? (Point made) Plus timeless pieces can be more affordable.

Edit your list.

Focus on guests that mean the most to you and send out the invites in separate batches; immediate family and close family friends in one group, neighbors, parents’ guest list and acquainted friends in another and then your local bartender, new co- workers and so on.

Elope and have a stellar party when you get back.

Heaven is the perfect venue for everything to the wedding and reception itself, to an intimate celebration to gather together those near and dear to you, should you decide to elope and still want a night to remember.

DIY does not always equal savings but a professional wedding planner does!

Planners fees can range from $500 day of to $10,000+ based on your guest list, venue, time of year and location. These powerhouses plan events every day, they know who to go to, what to spend money on and which details matter most. They will save you time and energy, while being a neutral shoulder to cry on when you are getting pulled in several different directions. If you take anything from this article, hire a professional.

When you are ready to start planning your next event! Let the team at Heaven Event Venue guide you through the process!

Schedule your tour today. Site tours are available by appointment only, Monday through Friday between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, with occasional weekend availability depending on our event schedule.

Technology and its Use in the Events Industry


At Heaven Event Venue, we are passionate about innovation, always seeking the latest trends in the event industry. And, that passion goes beyond what is trending in décor, cuisine and culture. Since technology has hit the scene it hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. From toys to the entertainment industry, you won’t see anything that hasn’t been enhanced with technological upgrades. We have seen how technology has become essential to corporate meetings and events; with anything from whiteboards and LCD graffiti walls to life sized video conferencing. But, most recently we are seeing how technology is being fused into weddings too. While wedding traditions may vary by country or religion, technology is universal.

At Heaven Event Venue, our facility is equipped with some of the latest in technological advances for your special occasion. Our state of the art LED lighting and LED glow bar can be modified to complement any décor. LED lighting is the perfect way to carry your theme through all aspects of your event. The bride and groom may create a customized slide show to highlight the most significant memories associated with their event.

Looking to add more technology to your event? As an add on service The Heaven Event Venue Team can arrange for 3D Video Mapping from Meister Productions to make your vision a reality with the most technologically advanced projection equipment in the business.

Creations Catering and Events


Creations Catering and Events is a chef-owned and operated company that has been serving up delicious creations in and around the Central Florida Area for nearly 13 years. We are a full-service catering company and specialize in everything from corporate lunch drop-offs, luxury galas, corporate receptions, beautiful weddings, in-home parties and more. If you can dream it, we can create it!

Whether you have your own Event Coordinator in mind or would like us to take the reins, Creations Catering and Events will work with you to make your special occasion a once-in-a-lifetime affair. Get ready to relax, because our team will make sure every detail is considered beforehand and meticulously carried out during the event so that you can enjoy it. Our Catering & Event Creativity is driven by the client’s vision and our attention to detail has made Creations one of Orlando’s finest catering companies.

Creations Catering and Events has been recognized by The Knot and Wedding Wire for excellence in the field of wedding catering, and we continue to earn rave reviews, glowing testimonials and repeat business from all of private event and corporate catering clients. No matter what the occasion, we continue to impress our guests with our dedication to delivering personalized, friendly service and our commitment to serving delicious, high quality food.


Why Creations Catering and Events and Heaven Event Venue is the perfect combo:

We understand the Venue’s layout and can suggest details to a bride to ensure the wedding is flawless.

Unique Food Combinations:

Stuffed chicken breast with smoked gouda & spinach with a lemon beurre blanc. This Entrée is served well with onion & garlic mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus.  We would suggest pairing with a sauvignon blanc or a citrus IPA.

Tip to give a bride:

First off, Client testimonials are a great way to get a true feel of the reputation of the caterer.  We suggest to make sure they are licensed and insured.  A reputable catering company sets high standards to ensure every aspect of your special day goes as planned.

When planning a menu, simple and elegant is the best way to please your guests.  Ask the caterer what their most popular dishes are.


Rustic décor has been very popular lately.  Many brides enjoy bringing natural elements indoors.  Lighting, burlap, wood and chalkboards can add a lot of character to the design.

From a catering perspective, a Heavenly event is when you have:

  1. Delicious food
  2. Beautiful venue and décor
  3. Seeing the satisfaction on your guests faces.

3 Tips on booking Heaven Event Venue:

  1. Heaven is a blank canvas that can be transformed into any vision you may have.
  2. It can accommodate a large guest count.
  3. The kitchen is great for a plated affair or there is plenty of space for a grand buffet.

Favorite product included:

The Glow Bar is a great addition to the venue!

Outrageous themed event:

With Halloween being one of our favorite celebrated holidays, we would love to see a Halloween Ball filled with costumes, décor and a haunted house!

What inspires you to do what you love to do:

When an event is executed perfectly and we see the bride smiling, we know we achieved what was set out to do.  This industry is always topping the charts with the newest décor, food and trends to make any event a success.

Taste of Heaven – Puff ‘n Stuff Catering


Puff ‘n Stuff Catering & Events has built an unsurpassed reputation for service and quality in Central Florida and Florida’s West Coast. From the smallest intimate dinner parties, to business functions, grand banquets, celebrations, weddings, disaster relief, and venue management,    Puff ‘n Stuff Catering & Events provides all of your catering needs with elegance, creativity and style.

Our award-winning team loves to innovate and create exciting experiences. That’s why we frequently speak and share our passion across the country and around the world. Our teams of professional chefs, trained event staff, licensed and insured bartenders have the privilege of “performing” at numerous venues throughout Central Florida and Florida’s West Coast. Puff ‘n Stuff Catering is proudly recognized as a national leader in the catering industry.

Passionately perfecting life’s celebrations.

It’s more than a tagline, a mission statement or a mantra. It’s our way of life. One that we’ve been celebrating for 30 years!

Why Puff ’n Stuff and Heaven Event Venue is the perfect combo:

Personal Attention, Creative Cuisine, Superior Service, Unforgettable Experiences. Puff ‘n Stuff Catering creates unique menus drawing inspiration from our client’s vision and ideas, favorite foods, and event goals. Heaven Event Venue offers a blank canvas that allows the clients’ imagination to shine through in all of the details.  Together we can create a customized, personal and memorable event experience for a one of a kind event.

What are some unique foods Combos you are creating?

We offer a variety of gourmet cuisine including continental, American, ethnic, vegetarian, and vegan, and accommodates dietary restrictions with style. Fresh, restaurant-inspired cuisine is our passion and it’s our goal to bring creative food to the forefront of each event.  

Here are a few creations:

  • Scallop Mousseline, Lemon Beurre Blanc, Tobiko, Shiso Leaf
  • Florida Corn Dumpling, Ginger, Green Onion, Red Vinegar Ponzu
  • Heirloom Tomato Salad- Burrata, balsamic vinegar, Thai basil oil, Mache
  • Pan Roasted Chicken Breast- Moroccan BBQ sauce, spiced potatoes, corn puree
  • Slice Steak- house steak sauce, goat cheese mashed potatoes

What is one tip that you would give a bride planning a menu in Central Florida?  

Food is critical to your wedding, but it is only part of the dining experience.  Engage your guests with all five senses.  Ask about seasonal menu items taking advantage of fall, spring and summer flavor profiles.  We like to drawing inspiration from clients’ favorite foods and restaurants, experiences and personality.  Have fun with food.

A Heavenly Event is when:

1) Chef Bars are incorporated – it is an exciting way to incorporate food as entertainment into your event! Sprinkle these stations around for a fun, social atmosphere that gives your guests an exciting eating experience with many choices.

2) Signature Drinks are a great way to personalize your event and make it uniquely yours! Make a statement with a signature cocktail or “mocktail”.

3) Serving a variety of sweet, salty and fun Late Night Snacks will give guests the energy to keep the festivities going or create an exciting end to your evening. Mini milkshakes, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and sweet potato fries are the perfect fit for late night dancing. Who wouldn’t want to keep that party going?


What are 3 tips you can give someone that is looking to book at Heaven Event Venue?

1) Features a blank canvas and open floor plan. One of the few venues in Orlando that can accommodate over 300 guests with multiple spaces for easy transition for events that may need separate areas for cocktails, ceremony, presentation, breakouts etc . . .

2)  The venue is very modern with built in lighting.  Décor packages are available and make the design process very easy.  They can book the vendors and make the arrangements.

3)  Flexibility with hours.

With so many special products that are included, what is your personal favorite and why?

Lighting. The in-house LED allows you to customize the colors and the white walls allows for the color to shine through.

As Heaven is a blank slate, what is one outrageous themed event you would love to see in this space?  Time Traveler’s Ball

Tell everyone they can dress up as one of two things; either a period specific costume that epitomizes the era, so Victorian clothes, future fashion, 60’s mini-dresses or you dress as a ‘time traveler’; this can be a Doctor Who type, or another time traveler from another show/movie, or one of your own design.

What inspires you to do what you love to do?

It is really exciting! I love seeing the spaces transformed in ever-creative ways and innovative ways to display and serve food.  I enjoy the business development side of my role which includes lots of marketing activity such as attending exhibitions, networking and seeking out new venues. Nothing beats the feeling when an event comes to life as planned, and when you can share these moments with a team of like-minded people who have been working hours to make that moment happen! Every event is different.  The opportunity to meet and socialize with people, develop and grow relationships with people as well as the ability to develop myself – professionally and as a person.

What are some of the food trends we are seeing in fall of 2016?

  • Carving out Pumpkin such as our Pumpkin Ravioli, Pumpkin Risotto Ball, Pumpkin breads, desserts
  • Highlighting autumn ingredients such butternut squash, beets, mushrooms
  • Desserts – pies, macaroon cakes, crepe cakes — more non-traditional desserts
  • Craft cocktails, craft beer from local breweries and local wines

Thank you Amy Pryor for sitting down with us and sharing all the amazing wonders that Puff n’ Stuff brings to the table! When you are ready to have your taste of Heaven… let us plan your event together! Contact us at