Bridal Shower Inspiration

The Team at Heaven and their preferred professionals shared some of the newest, coolest and unique Bridal Shower trends in 2017. We hope you are inspired by some of these themes as Heaven Event Venue is a perfect blank canvas for your special event!

Travel-  Adventures in Love

You may not have been there for the couple to be as they were whisking each other away on romantic getaway weekends, but a Travel Themed Shower is a perfect opportunity to remind them of the precious memories that they have shared so far! Table themes, gift baskets, wine and the menu are easy ways to incorporate special memories the two have shared.  Sites like are perfect to make gift giving easy so the couple can look forward to so many more adventures together!

Love in Linen

Bed Sheets, Towels, tablecloths, and bathrobes. Get the bride to be all set up with the luxury of linen. Monogrammed gift sets are ideal for the event, and she can even keep them to host her own events once settled as the Mrs. (or Mister!)


The Messy Menu

Tea parties are so last year! S’mores, Nachos, tacos OH MY! Forget the finger sandwiches and dive into the saucy & sloppy! We were introduced to this idea from a Bostonian Bride that had a New England Crab Bake!  The perfect example of how much fun getting messy with the pretty girls can be!



Love story –  Storybook Wedding

Tale as old as Time! With the massive release of Beauty and the Beast, no one can deny the effect of a great love story, just like the one you are about to be celebrating. It is never too late to feel like royalty! 3-course meal, indulgent brunch or fancy dinner with all the fine trimmings will make this shower fit for a queen.

The Unique Unicorn

Stay with us here.  With the new hot trend of rainbow food, we fell in LOVE with the idea of the unicorn. That one magical creature that represents the love that the couple found. With a balance of clean white and gold trimmings the pop of rainbow pastries, desserts and balloons could be just the right touch of fun that your shower may be seeking!


Love is sweet

This can go in so many delicious directions, from a dessert party to learning how to make your own ice cream. This can be a very easy theme that everyone will over indulge on!  Pair this will a little bubbly and you are totally on the right track.


Cooking Class

Hire a caterer that can host a cooking class and teach you how to prepare your partner’s favorite dish! Not only will this fun theme take care of the food, it will also have a lifetime of fond memories to reflect on! The guests can even provide kitchenware and cookbooks for the newly trained “chef” as the shower gift!

We hope some of these cool themes inspired you to think outside the box, but inside out fabulous venue! We look forward to hosting your next event here at Heaven Event Venue! Contact us 407-488-1800!

2017 Food Trends

Man, we have some tasty talent in Central Florida! Our vendors love moving the bar even higher with every event we do! If you are looking for some new and fresh catering ideas for your special event or wedding.

Here are the Top Food Trends for 2017


Late Night Bites

Dubsdread Catering Showcased how great a late night treat could be with grilled cheese & tomato soup. This cozy combination is the perfect way to send your guest off to bed after a late night of dancing the night away. Other late night bites we love are donuts, pizza or even a waffle station!

Premier Event Services, wedding trends

Twist on Classic Cocktails

Premier Event Services wowed us with the Watermelon Sangria. A simple fresh spin on a timeless classic cocktail is popping up all over the place. The Huffington Post really knocked it out of the park with some amazing suggestions! Read more

Just remember to call us if you need help sampling!

Premier Event Services

Cocktail Pairing Stations

Plus Catering reminded us how much fun wine sampling can be when paired with the perfect food! Taking the time to plan not only to plan your signature menu but go the extra step and pair it with a wine that compliments the dish or even a cocktail! It does not have to be for each course, but who does not LOVE an adult milkshake nowadays?

This is the ONLY link you will ever need when pairing food and wine again.

(There is a girl scout cookie wine chart here, yes!)

heaven event venue preferred vendor 

Comfort Food  – Farm to Table

Lafayees Catering stands firm with two beliefs, make it fresh, make it fabulous.  Farm to table is a trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon! Seeking out fresh local ingredients will give your guest a taste and experience of the area, as well as supporting the local farm business! (That is something we can always stand behind)

Lafayees Catering, heaven event venue

Interactive Stations

TableTop Catering has raised the bar in interactive stations. Eating with your eyes first is a joy with their modern custom stations reminding us that it is so cool to think outside the chaffing dish. The Pretzel Station with interactive dips and toppings as well as the S’mores station are two examples of well-executed ways that interact food stations are not only fun and delicious but can also be part of your décor!

heaven event venue vendor showcase

A huge thank you to everyone involved in our Showcase!

2017 Wedding Trends


At Heaven Event Venue, we love sharing the latest trends in the events industry with our readers. Some of the new trends that will be happening in 2017 will make you fall in love all over again.

Mix Metals are here to stay!

A mix of industrial and modern vibes, with metallic paired with white hues, are at the top of the palette charts of 2017.  For a combination made in Heaven, showcase soft brushed metallic on bright white accents, this helps you achieve the contemporary, yet hip atmosphere that is so on-trend. This color palate may be combined with modern or industrial touches to create a classy, fashionable wedding. Ways to incorporate metallic accent pieces are through your linen, floral vases, cake accents and décor items for your sweetheart table.

Paper is making a comeback!

The art of letter writing from invitations, to thank-you letters has a more personal feel over Evites and Facebook invitations. We are seeing paper used in floral bouquets and incorporated into multiple facets of wedding décor. This may be due to its economical and environmentally friendly attributes. This is a great way to create a wedding brand with a signature monogram.

People are opting out of the after-party to have more “wedding time”.

Bringing the after-party to the party seems to be the new trend. After all, who wants to risk losing the festive vibes with a venue change? At Heaven Event Venue, we have the blank canvas required to achieve such a feat, allowing your guests to remain in one location, while keeping the positive energy flowing. We can accomplish this with our white sheer draping and state of the art LED lighting or by transitioning the party to another portion of the event space that provides a bar, a dessert station or even a fun donut wall!


Receiving lines are generally designed to follow the ceremony, or at the beginning of the reception.

This was regarded as etiquette until recently, where now it seems to be a too formal and takes away from the couples socializing throughout the event. In lieu of a receiving line, opt for a meet and greet during cocktail hour to give yourself more time with each guest, but check with your photographer first, as this can also be the ideal lighting during some times of the day!

The White Wedding Dress is not your only option… and in 2017 they are taking centerstage in have never been so diverse.


Ombre colors, textured embellishments and intricate beading flooded the runways. We are also seeing soft Pantones, like Ice Blush, Rose Quartz and Iced Coffee gaining in popularity for 2017’s show-stopping weddings. From sleek, modest silhouettes and elaborate beading to  bows that are large, abundant and architecturally draped, the bow is back for 2017!

Every aspect of your wedding should represent who you are as a couple.


Let us help you plan the perfect day from every aspect of décor, right down to the dessert station. Site tours are available by appointment only, Monday through Friday between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, with occasional weekend availability, depending on our event schedule. To schedule an appointment call 407-488-1800.

Technology and its Use in the Events Industry


At Heaven Event Venue, we are passionate about innovation, always seeking the latest trends in the event industry. And, that passion goes beyond what is trending in décor, cuisine and culture. Since technology has hit the scene it hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. From toys to the entertainment industry, you won’t see anything that hasn’t been enhanced with technological upgrades. We have seen how technology has become essential to corporate meetings and events; with anything from whiteboards and LCD graffiti walls to life sized video conferencing. But, most recently we are seeing how technology is being fused into weddings too. While wedding traditions may vary by country or religion, technology is universal.

At Heaven Event Venue, our facility is equipped with some of the latest in technological advances for your special occasion. Our state of the art LED lighting and LED glow bar can be modified to complement any décor. LED lighting is the perfect way to carry your theme through all aspects of your event. The bride and groom may create a customized slide show to highlight the most significant memories associated with their event.

Looking to add more technology to your event? As an add on service The Heaven Event Venue Team can arrange for 3D Video Mapping from Meister Productions to make your vision a reality with the most technologically advanced projection equipment in the business.

Taste of Heaven – Puff ‘n Stuff Catering


Puff ‘n Stuff Catering & Events has built an unsurpassed reputation for service and quality in Central Florida and Florida’s West Coast. From the smallest intimate dinner parties, to business functions, grand banquets, celebrations, weddings, disaster relief, and venue management,    Puff ‘n Stuff Catering & Events provides all of your catering needs with elegance, creativity and style.

Our award-winning team loves to innovate and create exciting experiences. That’s why we frequently speak and share our passion across the country and around the world. Our teams of professional chefs, trained event staff, licensed and insured bartenders have the privilege of “performing” at numerous venues throughout Central Florida and Florida’s West Coast. Puff ‘n Stuff Catering is proudly recognized as a national leader in the catering industry.

Passionately perfecting life’s celebrations.

It’s more than a tagline, a mission statement or a mantra. It’s our way of life. One that we’ve been celebrating for 30 years!

Why Puff ’n Stuff and Heaven Event Venue is the perfect combo:

Personal Attention, Creative Cuisine, Superior Service, Unforgettable Experiences. Puff ‘n Stuff Catering creates unique menus drawing inspiration from our client’s vision and ideas, favorite foods, and event goals. Heaven Event Venue offers a blank canvas that allows the clients’ imagination to shine through in all of the details.  Together we can create a customized, personal and memorable event experience for a one of a kind event.

What are some unique foods Combos you are creating?

We offer a variety of gourmet cuisine including continental, American, ethnic, vegetarian, and vegan, and accommodates dietary restrictions with style. Fresh, restaurant-inspired cuisine is our passion and it’s our goal to bring creative food to the forefront of each event.  

Here are a few creations:

  • Scallop Mousseline, Lemon Beurre Blanc, Tobiko, Shiso Leaf
  • Florida Corn Dumpling, Ginger, Green Onion, Red Vinegar Ponzu
  • Heirloom Tomato Salad- Burrata, balsamic vinegar, Thai basil oil, Mache
  • Pan Roasted Chicken Breast- Moroccan BBQ sauce, spiced potatoes, corn puree
  • Slice Steak- house steak sauce, goat cheese mashed potatoes

What is one tip that you would give a bride planning a menu in Central Florida?  

Food is critical to your wedding, but it is only part of the dining experience.  Engage your guests with all five senses.  Ask about seasonal menu items taking advantage of fall, spring and summer flavor profiles.  We like to drawing inspiration from clients’ favorite foods and restaurants, experiences and personality.  Have fun with food.

A Heavenly Event is when:

1) Chef Bars are incorporated – it is an exciting way to incorporate food as entertainment into your event! Sprinkle these stations around for a fun, social atmosphere that gives your guests an exciting eating experience with many choices.

2) Signature Drinks are a great way to personalize your event and make it uniquely yours! Make a statement with a signature cocktail or “mocktail”.

3) Serving a variety of sweet, salty and fun Late Night Snacks will give guests the energy to keep the festivities going or create an exciting end to your evening. Mini milkshakes, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and sweet potato fries are the perfect fit for late night dancing. Who wouldn’t want to keep that party going?


What are 3 tips you can give someone that is looking to book at Heaven Event Venue?

1) Features a blank canvas and open floor plan. One of the few venues in Orlando that can accommodate over 300 guests with multiple spaces for easy transition for events that may need separate areas for cocktails, ceremony, presentation, breakouts etc . . .

2)  The venue is very modern with built in lighting.  Décor packages are available and make the design process very easy.  They can book the vendors and make the arrangements.

3)  Flexibility with hours.

With so many special products that are included, what is your personal favorite and why?

Lighting. The in-house LED allows you to customize the colors and the white walls allows for the color to shine through.

As Heaven is a blank slate, what is one outrageous themed event you would love to see in this space?  Time Traveler’s Ball

Tell everyone they can dress up as one of two things; either a period specific costume that epitomizes the era, so Victorian clothes, future fashion, 60’s mini-dresses or you dress as a ‘time traveler’; this can be a Doctor Who type, or another time traveler from another show/movie, or one of your own design.

What inspires you to do what you love to do?

It is really exciting! I love seeing the spaces transformed in ever-creative ways and innovative ways to display and serve food.  I enjoy the business development side of my role which includes lots of marketing activity such as attending exhibitions, networking and seeking out new venues. Nothing beats the feeling when an event comes to life as planned, and when you can share these moments with a team of like-minded people who have been working hours to make that moment happen! Every event is different.  The opportunity to meet and socialize with people, develop and grow relationships with people as well as the ability to develop myself – professionally and as a person.

What are some of the food trends we are seeing in fall of 2016?

  • Carving out Pumpkin such as our Pumpkin Ravioli, Pumpkin Risotto Ball, Pumpkin breads, desserts
  • Highlighting autumn ingredients such butternut squash, beets, mushrooms
  • Desserts – pies, macaroon cakes, crepe cakes — more non-traditional desserts
  • Craft cocktails, craft beer from local breweries and local wines

Thank you Amy Pryor for sitting down with us and sharing all the amazing wonders that Puff n’ Stuff brings to the table! When you are ready to have your taste of Heaven… let us plan your event together! Contact us at

My Choice is Heaven


Meredith Farmer came by and chatted with the team of Heaven Event Venue located in Orlando, Florida. This wife, mother, coffee addict and owner of Something Blue shared with us why her choice is Heaven Event Venue.

When I was a little girl I planned everything to the smallest detail. It became clear as I grew up that I was meant to help couples get married. My job is to make sure you enjoy your day and that it’s stress-free and I couldn’t be happier doing anything else. I have a bachelor’s degree in Event Management from UCF and I’ve been helping Brides and Grooms get married for over four years. When I’m not planning fabulous weddings you’ll find me in my kitchen baking something pumpkin or out in my garden trying not to kill all my plants.

Why Heaven Event Venue?

Heaven will always have a special place in my heart as I spent the beginning years of my event career working there. The space provides such a beautiful canvas for any event with endless possibilities.

What Makes it special?

The flexibility and freedom to choose your own vendors is something you can’t find at every venue. To not be restricted is a great way to ensure your event truly reflects you and your story.

What was your favorite event you produced here?

Jaime and William’s wedding in 2013. They transformed what is considered a very modern space into their version of Tuscany which not everyone would have thought possible, but it turned out beautiful. From the terracotta lighting to the hanging baskets of flowers it couldn’t have been more perfect.

What is one tip that you would give a bride seeking a venue space in Central Florida?

Don’t settle. With so many wonderful options in the Central Florida area there is no reason that you shouldn’t be head over heels in love with your choice.

With so many special products that are included, what is your personal favorite and why? My personal favorite has to be the draping. It provides such an elegant feel to the venue that you would pay extra for at most other venues.

As Heaven is a blank slate, what is one outrageous themed event you would love to see in this space? I would love to see a Cinco de Mayo event. The space would be perfect for all the colorful décor and a live Mariachi band to dance the night away to.

What inspires you to do what you love to do?

I adore meeting new couples and hearing how they fell in love. What I love is helping them plan their day based on how they want their love story to be represented. When a couple tells me that they truly got to enjoy their day and not worry about a thing knowing I had it handled is the greatest feeling. Everyone deserves to know that there’s someone on their side working for them to ensure their day is perfect.

Why is Heaven your Choice?

Every couple should feel as if their wedding was a true representation of who they are. Heaven gives a gorgeous start to clients to simply add in their details for an event that their guests will never forget.

If you want to plan a heavenly event with Something Blue by Meredith contact us at 352-871-8477 or email us at

Let’s Plan #AHeavenlyEvent together!

Meredith Farmer

Something Blue by Meredith


Naim & Ameena’s Moroccan Detailed Wedding Reception

Photography: Asaad Images
Candy Table: Florida Candy Buffets

Naim and Ameena spent their special day in Heaven on May 8, 2016. The couple utilized our main banquet hall, which displayed the most beautiful setting.

Everything from wall to wall was simply stunning. The color scheme for this wedding reception included purple, fuchsia and hints of gold. The space featured tables surrounding the room and a special place for the newlyweds to sit, which was draped with lavish colors and decor.  Occasions by Shangri-La did a great job decorating the entire space. The room was truly detailed to perfection!

We especially love this candy table by Florida Candy Buffets. This table displayed gold sequin linens, lanterns, and candles encased in our hanging glass globes.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Bacchus!

Wedding Inspiration for Every Season


Whether you’re dreaming of a spring, summer, fall or winter wedding, there are endless ideas to help plan your special day. Each season has specific trends that people love to follow. If you think of spring and summer, florals and bright colors come to mind. During the fall, neutral and rustic colors are popular and during the winter, fresh white and wintery blues are often used. Although seasonal trends are obvious, there are ways to incorporate everything you’ve ever wanted for your special day, no matter what the season is.

Spring Wedding Inspiration:

Go for the bright florals or tone it down to a fresher look

Summer Wedding Inspiration:

Using light pink flowers and greenery is a great way to simplify summer shades

Fall Wedding Inspiration:

A mixture of earthy tones make the perfect fall theme come to life

Winter Wedding Inspiration:

Add a pop of color, such as red, to enhance a white wintery wedding

White Wintery Wedding in Heaven Event Venue

jacira and jason white wedding heaven event venue orlando img3

Event Designer: Angels Dream Events
Event Planner/ Coordinator: P.S I Got This
Photography: Al Dee Productions

Jacira and Jason held their wedding day in Heaven Event Venue in Orlando. With the help of Angels Dream Events, Al Dee Productions P.S I Got This, Events by Nini we were able to create a perfect White Wintery Wedding. Our Main Banquet Hall was used and transformed into the perfect ceremony and reception spot.

Once the set up was finished, the banquet hall displayed a beautiful ceremony. Along the aisle, white tree branches, candles and snow were displayed. On both sides of the aisle, chairs were lined so guests could watch the couple say “I Do!”

Following the ceremony, the Main Banquet Hall in Heaven Event Venue was transformed into a reception area. The guest tables had navy blue and silver sequin linens. The tables also displayed tall crystal centerpieces, which held white flowers and white tree branches. This wedding was truly a winter fairytale and an unforgettable night!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Prasad!