Falling for Autumn

Yellow, the Perfect Touch

When choosing colors that coordinate with the season, just look at nature to find the perfect color combinations for your wedding! The events at Heaven Event Venue have been particularly yellow lately, and we are loving the beautiful touch it adds. Whether it’s a touch in the centerpieces or a touch in the bouquets, yellow simply brightens the room. It is the perfect compliment to shades of green, muted colors, white, black or any color you see outside during the Fall season. 

Fun & Festive

A fun & festive complement for a wedding in Autumn, could be using a fake pumpkin to have your guest sign. This would be a sweet, memorable piece of decor to add to your home every time your anniversary and the Fall season rolls around. 


Falling for a Wedding in Autumn

The beautiful Dang couple utilizing our outside greenery to capture some breathtaking moments. 

October 22, 2017

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