The Invite

The invitation can get a little tricky. What’s necessary to put on the invitation versus unnecessary? What should the design look like? Online RSVP or by mail?

No worries, we’ve done the research for you!

Let’s talk necessary information:




Ceremony and/or Reception Location


These are practically a must on every invitation. Some other things you may consider adding to your invitation, if you have the space, could be:

Dress Attire

Breakfast Reception v.s. Dinner Reception

Specification on Age Limits


The design of your invitation can complement your wedding theme or color scheme, but it doesn’t always have to. Something simple makes it a little easier for your guests to comprehend. Two key factors you may want to keep in mind is the font size and color. You want to make sure that all the information provided on your invitation is legible.


Now, let’s talk RSVP’s for your guests. Some people send response cards with the initial invitation and others create on online RSVP. Either way works, just depends on your own preference. Considering most things are done on the internet, it may be easier just to have your guests do it online. Especially because it may save you from printing more and purchasing complimentary stamps. 

P.s. Envelope moisteners are a life saver!


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