The Focal Point

After the theme is chosen, the colors are picked and most of the decor is bought, it is important to decide on what the sweetheart table will look like. The sweetheart table will be your focal point of the room because, well you know, that’s where the sweethearts will be sitting. Here at Heaven, we offer our clients the option of using chiavari chairs or our beautiful white leather sweetheart sofa. The sofa is the perfect touch to this classy look. 

Another way to spruce up the focal point of the room, is to utilize textured, sparkled or unique linens. Not only will this allow the table to stand out, but it accents the decor sitting on top of the table.

Flowers are also the perfect decor for a sweetheart table. They bring out the colors chosen for the theme of the wedding. Not to mention, with Heaven’s LED surrounding lighting system, it accents the color you have chosen to shine onto our 12 foot white curtains surrounding the perimeter of the space.


We hope some of these tips helped you with your choice of sweetheart table decor! For more inspiration and pictures of weddings held at Heaven Event Venue, click the Gallery tab on the Menu.

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