Top Wedding Trends

The rose pink look:













If you’re in pursuit of a romantic atmosphere for your wedding, this is the way to go. A rose pink theme is suitable for any time of the year. The light pink and white hues pair perfectly for a delicate wedding appearance.


The metallic look:















If you’re seeking a soft yet vibrant pop of color for your wedding, metallic is it. The metallic accents beautifully polish off the decorations. A popular metallic look is the rose gold shade.


The green look:













With the changing worldview of the environment, natural foliage wedding decorations have become very popular. They offer a unique way to enhance your wedding, instead of the go-to flowers.


The marble look:














Modern-day style enthusiasts opt for the touch of marble on their wedding adornments. Pair marble with gold accents and subtle white flowers for your wedding to appear graceful and elegant.


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