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From Weddings, to Corporate Galas, to Family Christmas Parties, our management team has collectively gathered more than a hundred years of hospitality and catering experience. Our Owner and President, Tom Pokorny, had a vision to establish a Gourmet Kitchen that took all events to the next level.

The careful coordination of the Culinary and Operations teams blends menu creations and logistics into a seamless experience enjoyed by both guest and host alike. From the simplest party to the most lavish, casual or elegant, Big City is ever mindful of the details, assuring a successful event, regardless of budget.

Why Big City Catering and Heaven Event Venue is the perfect combo:

In Heaven anything is possible and that is what we say about our menus! Not having any set packages allows us to truly create anything you want. The Menus are simple suggestions!

What are some unique foods combinations you are creating?

Our newest {and most popular} creation is our Bacon Brulee Station – an entire slab of Bacon, rubbed down with Butter and Brown Sugar. Our Chef Brulees the Bacon on site and serves a slice of the Caramelized Bacon on top of Cheesy Grits…. YUM!

Bacon Brulee

Bacon Brulee 2[2]

What is one tip that you would give a bride planning a menu in Central Florida

Some clients focus too much on making all of their guests happy with the menu and not fulfilling their own desires. While it is very important to consider everyone’s eating habits {including allergies and intolerances} it is very difficult to make all 50 people happy!

What trends are you seeing in menus/table décor for 2017?

We are LOVING the Farm Table and Whiskey Barrel trend. We use RW Events for vintage rentals all the time.


From a Catering perspective – A Heavenly Event is when:

1) We are able to get the Bride and Groom to sit down and eat for a few minutes!

2) Our Event Manager plans in great detail with the Bride and Groom so that we don’t have to ask them any questions on the day of – a seamless experience for them!

3)  EVERYONE has a great time with great food together!

What are 3 tips you can give someone that is looking to book their event at Heaven Event Venue?

1) When you are creating your floor plan, think about the flow of the food and beverage lines with the location of guest tables to make sure everyone has enough room!

2) When choosing lighting and color of lights think of how it will affect the look of the food on the guest’s plate.

3)  With Central Florida’s weather being so unpredictable always have a rain backup plan if you are doing anything outside.

With so many special products that are included, what is your personal favorite and why?

A Garlic Crostini topped with Boursin Cheese, BBQ Salmon and fresh julienned Cucumber. Drizzled with Honey.[2]

Beef & Blue Skewers

We have so many fantastic menu items but some of our favorites are:

BBQ Salmon Crostini: A Garlic Crostini topped with Boursin Cheese, BBQ Salmon and fresh julienned Cucumber. Drizzled with Honey.

Beef & Blue Skewers: Tender chunks of Beef wrapped in Bacon and served on a bed of Bleu Cheese Dressing

As Heaven is a blank slate, what is one outrageous themed event you would love to see in this space? 

A futuristic theme would be really fun to create, I’m picturing all Metallic Silver and Gold Décor!

What inspires you to do what you love to do?

Here at Big City Catering we not only LOVE good food, but we love sharing good food with good people even more. When you prepare great food, it allows people to come together and experience a time together – no matter the day, year, or craziness of the world outside! We love creating these moments and memories for people and couldn’t ask for a better job in the world!

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