So, You Said YES!

Man holding red box with ring making propose to his girlfriend outdoors.

Now that you have that ring… it is time to do the same with the phone! Call your core group, this includes all immediate family, friends and close friends of the family.  “Aunt” Sally, your Mother’s best friend, that has known you since birth, would rather hear it from you; not read about it on Facebook! They say the do’s and don’ts of wedding manners begin the moment you say “yes”. As tempting as it will be to make that status change, give your close ones a moment to hear it from you first.

Take care of the new bling. Make sure you have your ring insured and that it is sized perfectly. Trust us, you will thank us later for this tip!

Pick a “time” not a date. The most common follow up question you will have is “When are you getting married?” Next Fall or Early 2018 could be a quick answer to that question with plenty of wiggle room to adjust things.

Enjoy being engaged for a while! Soak it up, celebrate and set a date a month or so away to start hashing out the details.

Once that date comes, the first few things you are going to want to do is set a budget, get a rough idea of a guest list and start daydreaming of what your wedding will look and feel like!

As Heaven is a blank slate, we can create the look and feel of so many special events. When you are ready to take the planning plunge, the team at Heaven Event Venue would love to make your special day come to life.

picture of couple with wedding ring and gift box

Congratulations on your engagement!

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