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Award winning, International wedding photographer, educator and fashion junkie – Kristen Weaver specializes in a style she classifies as ‘Comfortable luxury’. Since opening her photography business in 2009, she has photographed couples all over the world as they’ve said their ‘I Do’s’ and celebrate with their friends and family. Now expanding her business, she has an industrial style studio in Orlando, FL and has developed a strong associate and internship program to continue the KWP Brand. Kristen commissions a limited number of weddings each year along with working on number advertising campaigns, model and editorial shoots.

Why is Kristen Weaver Photography and Heaven Event Venue are the perfect combo?

We love blank spaces! My job as a photographer is to infuse my shooting style with your personal style! So using a venue like Heaven will allow you to create a space that is all about you!

What are some trends you are seeing in wedding photography for 2017?

I am absolutely loving the focus on gowns and floral design! Those were 2 of my top priorities when I planned my own wedding 2 years ago, so I’m super happy that it’s becoming more and more popular! I love loose, organic feeling bouquets with unique flowers and greenery.

What is one tip that you would give a bride planning a photography session in Central Florida?

Think about sunset times and light! If you love those beautifully lit portraits, be sure to consider time outside before sunset to achieve that look. I can’t tell you how many brides fall in love with bright and airy images, and then tell me their ceremony is at sunset and they’re not seeing each other before the wedding (meaning, pitch blackness for any photos).

Fill in the blank: From a photographer’s perspective – A Heavenly Event is when:

You’re able to really tell your personal stories through your wedding day!

With so many special products and features that are included at Heaven Event Venue, what is your personal favorite and why? I just love the blank space and the way it can be transformed in to anyone’s dream event!

As Heaven is a blank slate, what are some stunning photography opportunities?

One of my favorite things to shoot while I’m there is a fully realized reception space with lots of great uplighting, florals and linens!

What inspires you to do what you love to do?

My couples inspire me the most! Being in the wedding industry can be very stressful, and I definitely wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have these amazing couples by my side every step of the way! They’re more than clients – many become close friends and we connect in a way that allows me to photograph them and show off their relationship in a way that many people don’t get a chance to see!

If you could have one event there.. any theme.. what would it be?

I would do a New York loft-style ceremony with a simple altar and art-gallery style decor!

What are 3 things every couple should know/think about when searching for a photographer?

1) Connect with their style! Do you like more organic, natural posing? Or more traditional posing? We all work differently, so that’s a big part of hiring your photographer!

2) Understand their capabilities and trust them 100%. I can’t work with a couple who doesn’t have trust in me, and so I’d rather they find that photographer who they can really vibe with. The ultimate goal is for their day to be perfect and all the vendors work together to achieve that for them! (And if you have to show them Pinterest photos to recreate… you don’t trust their own artistic skills! Just something to keep in mind.

3) Don’t be afraid to talk money. We believe in mutual respect – our clients respect our prices and we respect their budgets! That said, any photographer will have ideas on how to make it work! We have associate photographers that can work with different budgets, or can offer great suggestions on timing to make less hours work. Sometimes, there isn’t much we can do – but we also have great friends in the industry and are happy to offer referrals!

Kristen Weaver Photography

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