Technology and its Use in the Events Industry


At Heaven Event Venue, we are passionate about innovation, always seeking the latest trends in the event industry. And, that passion goes beyond what is trending in décor, cuisine and culture. Since technology has hit the scene it hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. From toys to the entertainment industry, you won’t see anything that hasn’t been enhanced with technological upgrades. We have seen how technology has become essential to corporate meetings and events; with anything from whiteboards and LCD graffiti walls to life sized video conferencing. But, most recently we are seeing how technology is being fused into weddings too. While wedding traditions may vary by country or religion, technology is universal.

At Heaven Event Venue, our facility is equipped with some of the latest in technological advances for your special occasion. Our state of the art LED lighting and LED glow bar can be modified to complement any décor. LED lighting is the perfect way to carry your theme through all aspects of your event. The bride and groom may create a customized slide show to highlight the most significant memories associated with their event.

Looking to add more technology to your event? As an add on service The Heaven Event Venue Team can arrange for 3D Video Mapping from Meister Productions to make your vision a reality with the most technologically advanced projection equipment in the business.

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