Charged with the task of planning your company’s holiday party?

Let Heaven’s experienced event professionals help you create an event that is custom detailed to your specific event needs. We have composed a list of things to keep in mind, so that you don’t lose your mind.

  • Know your budget and your approximate guest count, it will be key in where you host your event.
  • Plan ahead, once you book your party venue you should give yourself at least 2-3 months to plan the rest of your holiday event.
  • Next, you should decide your décor and choose your menu. It is important to keep in mind dietary restrictions when planning your menu.
  • Incorporate employee recognition by hosting an awards ceremony.
  • Hire a professional planner for the day of your event so that you can have fun! After all of your hard work planning the event, you deserve to relax and enjoy yourself, so let the pros execute it!


At Heaven Event Venue our modern, open space, event venue is the perfect place to host social gatherings from corporate meetings and holiday events to any social gathering. Our party venue creates a truly unique experience for each and every guest. Our blank canvas, white draping, lighting system with ice blue lighting & hanging snowflake ceiling décor, can make your holiday party into a winter wonderland! We are here for all of your event planning needs. Let us help you find everything you need to plan an epic holiday event. Some of Heaven’s preferred professionals range from accommodations, bartending services, catering, décor and floral, DJ’s and entertainment, linen, to photographers and rentals. Check out our entire list  of preferred professionals here.

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