Heaven in Orlando – The Family That Plays Together Stays Together


At Heaven Event Venue we try to exercise whenever we can find the time. Florida weather often makes it challenging to get outside, especially during the warmer months; and let’s face it, that is about 9 months out of the year! Teambuilding is a very important part of our heavenly lifestyle. Some of the key benefits to teambuilding are getting to know one another better, celebrating team spirit and boosting employee morale. What is more motivating than collaborating to foster creativity in the workplace? To keep up with your heavenly events, the team at heaven event venue works hard and pushes each other to greatness, which is why at our last team building event, we decided to sweat together. When you work in creative environment, it isn’t difficult to find a fun ways of exercising. And that is just what Jennifer, Eman and Michael did when they ventured to Winter Park Cycle Bar!

For those of you who are not familiar with Winter Park Cycle Bar, their rides give you a rigorous cardio experience offering a full body workout! When we asked Jennifer, Eman and Michael how they felt about their experience, they stated “We absolutely loved it!” Communication is key in order for team members to work better together. There are so many ways to incorporate team building into every aspect of your life. What are the different ways you foster team building in your work environment?


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