A Taste of Heaven Series


The team of Heaven Event Venue had the chance to sit down with one of our preferred vendors this week – Arthur’s Creative Events & Catering!

Established by Mark Leggett and Lisa Bruttell Grant, Arthur’s Catering is now in its third decade of bringing sensational catered events to life in Central Florida. “The life of the party” is not just a tag line – it’s who they are: “Our people passion and experience is what drives us every day.” Whether planning a VIP gala, hosting an elegant wedding or volunteering in our community, Arthur’s has proven its ability to infuse deliciously innovative style and excitement into virtually every type of private, cultural, corporate and social celebration you can imagine. Arthur’s creativity paired with our experience fuels our fresh approach to event planning. From nouvelle cuisine to environmentally conscious fresh-and-local menus, they create events with exceptional character, flavor and imagination. As ever-evolving caterers, Arthur’s stays on the culinary edge of trends in taste, style and presentation, and they continue to raise the bar when it comes to celebrating the important milestones, celebrations and events in your life. The ultimate testament to their performance is the loyalty of their valued clients who show confidence by returning to Arthur’s again and again. Talent innovative, that is why we are showcasing Arthur’s as our featured partner, as they are a taste of heaven!

Why Arthur’s and Heaven Event Venue is the perfect combo:

You will not find a better vendor combo than Arthur’s Catering and Heaven Event Center! Complete with a Lakefront Terrace, programmable LED lighting, and white sheer draping, Heaven Event Center is one of Orlando’s top contemporary venues. It offers the perfect space for clients to customize. Arthur’s compliments Heaven’s customizability perfectly! No two Arthur’s menus are the same. Planning a 70’s Boogie Night theme like our 2015 clients did? Heaven turned its modern space psychedelic to bring that theme alive! We followed suite with our Twister Ice Cream Station and Modern TV Dinner station. Heaven and Arthur’s works together to bring truly unique themes to Central Florida with the perfect combination of venue and cuisine!

What are some unique food Combos you are creating?


Hors d’oeuvre:

Savory Almond Macaron Whipped Goat Cheese | Soppressata


Ahi Tuna & Watermelon Carving Station

Freshly Carved Ahi Tuna | Avocado | Soy | Sesame

Mirin | Macadamia Nuts | Micro Cilantro

Carved Watermelon | Feta | Mint | Balsamic | Sea Salt | Micro Basil

Korean Duck Short Plate

Korean BBQ Duck | Asian Noodle Salad | Apricot & Ginger Marmalade

Pink Pickled Egg

What is one tip that you would give a bride planning a menu in Central Florida?

Feel free to get creative, and make sure you include food that you are excited about. Your guests will always find something that they enjoy on the menu, but you need to make sure that you have food that you want. Incorporate some childhood favorites or flavors from your culture. Remember to always have fun with the menu planning. The possibilities are endless!

From a Catering perspective – A Heavenly Event is when:

A Heavenly Event is having the perfect mix of sophistication, creativeness, and fun. Using the talents of all of the amazing vendors that Orlando has to offer can truly make your event something out of this world!

What are 3 tips you can give someone that is looking to book at Heaven Event Venue?

  1. Start planning early. Heaven is one of the best venues in Orlando, and when you are looking for a weekend date, you need to start thinking about it a year out, or be flexible with your date – Fridays and Sundays are always options!
  2. Ask the experts. The staff at Heaven Event Venue has seen hundreds if not thousands of events there – they will know what can and can’t work in the space.
  3. Ask for vendor recommendations. They will know who knows the space the best and can make you vision come to life.

With so many special products that are included, what is your personal favorite and why?

I think that the white, clean, and open venue as a whole is my favorite part. You can really transform the space into anything that you want. I’ve seen it from the most amazing 15 person intimate event to a wild and crazy Back to the Future Party for 500!

As Heaven is a blank slate, what is one outrageous themed event you would love to see in this space?

That’s a tough one, because anything could be possible there. A split Heaven and Hell theme would be really cool. It offers the perfect play on the name of the menu! Also using two main rooms will make splitting the decor between heaven and hell perfect! When guests are feeling good they can head on over to the heavenly room, when they’re feeling a bit mischievous, down under it is!

What inspires you to do what you love to do?

I love that every single day is an adventure. Our job allows us to be creative and use our talents to make parties come to life. We also get to partner with the absolute best in the business to create once in a life time events every single day. How often do you get to say that you were a part of one of the best days of someone’s life – fortunately we get to say that A LOT!

What are some of the food trends we are seeing in fall of 2016 and early 2017?

Organic & Healthy: We are starting to see an increase in requests for organic dishes like our Avocado Bar.

A Bite at Night: Another trend our clients get excited about is another round of delicious cuisine after the main course. One option could be a small bite of Chicken and Waffles

Dinner and a Show: Menus that have some form of visual value is another hot trend. Chef-Inspired stations are the perfect way to add excitement and dynamic entertainment to any event! Our Flaming Doughnuts Station is a great option! These delights are glazed doughnut holes sautéed in Kahlua, sweet brown sugar, and 151 Rum—They are then, flambéed and served with rich vanilla ice cream


Man O’ Man!!! We are hungry now! It was great chatting with the team of Arthur’s Catering!
When you are ready to book your event at Heaven Event Venue, Arthur’s is one of our many amazing partners that can bring you A Taste of Heaven!

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