Tip Tuesday: Up the Ante On Your Wedding Aisle

Like many wedding traditions, the aisle runner has a long history rooted in superstition and symbolism. Aisle runners were used as protection against evil spirits, metaphorically as a pathway to purity, and as clean walkway for the bride. In today’s wedding world where no detail is left undecorated, aisle runners have become more than just a plain white piece of fabric. We’ve gathered a few our favorite modern twists on this basic wedding custom.

Lanterns are trending as the latest aisle decor. Lanterns accented with the right candles can set the perfect mood on your special day. Not only are lanterns great for setting a romantic tone, but they can also be repurposed at the reception as a centerpiece.

Taking a twist on the classic petal aisle, we are loving ombre petal designs. This arrangement of petals makes the perfect statement standing out from typical wedding aisles, and also infuses your wedding colors.

Worried about petals getting swept underneath your dress? To prevent this from happening many are now gluing their petals along a paper runner. This is perfect for an outdoor wedding where wind can be a factor.

Vows, quotes, song lyrics, and even your personal love story can be featured on a quote runner. Quote runners can be customized or even the ultimate DIY project for your special day, adding that personal and sentimental touch.

Monograms have become extremely popular over the years and seem to be an everlasting trend. Use this classic design element overtop an existing runner, or skip the fabric and opt for a lighted monogram, like the one we include!

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