Vendor Spotlight: Our DJ rocks

Kristin Hubbard is an inspiring individual, and the owner of OurDJRocks! A familiar face at Heaven, Kristin is always smiling and more than willing to help to do whatever it takes to make your day special. She thrives on the love and merriment at any event and has been known, as the premier female DJ in Orlando, to make any event absolutely fantastic with an added flare for fun! We have been lucky enough to work with Kristin and watch her mould into a planner, coordinator, and DJ in one afternoon, simply because the situation called for it. She is a huge asset to have around, and her quirky spunk means that everyone is always smiling and having a good time! In addition to all this she just officially launched her Photobooths, which gives you a fun and irreplaceable way to remember your wedding guests!

“My passion is my profession. I still get chills with every wedding I do! There’s just something about being the DJ at that very moment when the music starts you take that first step towards the love of your life. And as each guest turn around just to see how,. It’s the smile of your partners face when they get that feeling of being the luckiest person in the world. It’s a rush of excitement as the announcement is made introducing you for the very first time as a married couple….I love being the DJ and a part of the and a part of the excitement and the kick off to the new journey of a couple. Especially when that right song is played at the right time, right on cue. ” 

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